It facilitates integration between ING BusinessOnLine and the financial & accounting system of your company. It allows you to perform many tasks directly from your system - without having to log into online banking.

  • Significant time reduction
    in operational handling thanks to automation of the data exchange process
  • Elimination of mistakes and errors
    in the data exchange process
  • Easy insight into full and up-to-date
    ING Bank Śląski account information
  • Access to data files
    containing information pertaining to transaction and liquidity products (PZ, SIMP, etc.)
  • Option to import your bank data
    to a firm’s internal system in the 24/7 mode
  • Highest security standards
    thanks to the use of the SSL two-sided authentication process and the public key infrastructure (PKI)


Some of the functions of WebService include:

The mentioned errands can be processed in the form of single requests (orders). Additionally these orders can be sent in the form of files attached to an XML message, however it’s required to specify the file scheme in ING BusinessOnLine (for example Multicash PLI, etc.).

About the service

  • Online data transfers in accordance with your preset parameters
  • Many of the online banking activities (transaction history downloads, transaction management) can now be navigated in your firm’s own financial & accounting system, without the need to log in to ING BusinessOnLine
  • You get to decide which method of service implementation is most convenient for you: the Client can build his own financial & accounting system, use already existing integration tools prepared by certified ING partners or use the WebService App delivered by the bank
  • Payment orders are signed with qualified certificate or ING Bank’s own certificates
  • Signing of payment orders is done directly in a firms financial & accounting system or ING BusinessOnLine
  • The service is based on the ISO 20022 norms as well as the recommendations of Zarzad Bankow Polskich pertaining to the standards of financial data exchange between a client and a bank from 4/9/2004

Data exchange standards

WebService uses the following data exchange standards:

  • SOAP

    Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)

  • ISO 20022

    Universal financial industry message scheme

  • WSDL

    Web Services Description Language (WSDL)

  • ZBP

    Recommendations issued by the Board of the Polish Bank Association (Zarząd Związku Banków Polskich) pertaining to the standards of data exchange between a bank and a client.

WebService App

WebService App is a solution intended for firms which want to avoid the adaptation cost of the ERP system, and at the same time are satisfied with the range of solutions provided by the WebService.

It’s enough to install the App into the IT infrastructure of your firm, which will enable automation of some of the communication processes via WebService.

By using WebService App you can:

  • import payments in text formats;
  • download chosen reports and statements prepared on the base of export statements.
    Available formats: MT940, MT942, PDF, CSV, HTML and others templates prepared by user in the ING BusinessOnLine system;
  • sign orders using WebService App – it contains a verification mechanism of your eToken which can be connected to your computer. Sign orders using WebService App – it contains a verification mechanism of your eToken which can be connected to your computer.

Certification program

ING Bank Śląski works closely together with renown producers of the financial & accounting systems in order to ensure a complete synchronization of their technological solutions with our online banking system - ING BusinessOnLine.

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