New ING Business is a response to the needs of companies and was designed for people who will use it to achieve their goals and tasks.

The new version comes with, most importantly, enhanced usability, being ergonomics, intuitiveness and user-friendliness. New ING Business draws on the best IT solutions available at present.

It is the first on the Polish market end-to-end and multichannel online banking system for businesses. You can use it on the PC, tablet (coming soon), smartphone and smartwatch.

You have access to information, you can make fast actions and smoothly manage your company finance and your business works, wherever you are.



One system. You use it how you like it.

New ING Business is a system that operates on any device. Thanks to the Responsive Web Design technology, the system changes automatically to fit the screen of your personal computer or tablet. A mobile app for smartphones comes in handy for those who approve transactions and who need immediate access to the company’s accounts. Meanwhile, a smartwatch enables you to check the basic details within seconds. You can start some actions on a computer and complete them on a tablet or smartphone on your way back home or on a business trip.

User roles

The features of the new system provide for allocating different roles in the company. Depending on a job title and performed tasks, the users have access to various features of the system. ING Business allows you to define your profile by selecting a relevant home screen. The screen enables you to see everything you need in your day-to-day work and to perform your duties faster. If you initiate operations, enter payments, requests, etc., select the operational screen. If you are a manager and approve financial operations and oversee the company’s accounts, select the controlling screen.

Clear and transparent information

Key information concerning company financial standing and banking operations are presented clearly and in a relevant context. This helps you to figure out quickly whether you need to perform any action.

Your settings on the home screen

For your daily operations you can select the screen template created by us, modify it as you like or create your own screen with the modules you need.

Remember: you can restore default settings of the screen or change it anytime. So if you often use the same features, you can create respective shortcuts on your home screen to make your banking operations faster and more convenient.

Products and services




Term Deposits







Clear layout and navigation developed in line with the latest trends


Optimisation of the most frequently performed activities


Users’ roles and configured menu

End-to-end approach

Comprehensive service of banking products


Responsive Web Design

coming soon


Top-notch security standards

First steps


Log into the system at

After logging in for the first time we will show you Help

The first time you visit the new system, a balloon help will pop up on each screen. It will explain the actions on a given screen. Once you read the balloon help or when you don’t need help for this screen, just close the balloon by clicking the “x” button.



Select the desktop, set the shortcuts

You should allow for a bit more time for your first visit in the system, so that you have enough time to get familiar with ING Business: select the home screen suitable for the role you will have in the system, go through the most important features. During the first visit, you can set the shortcuts on your screen for the most frequent actions.


Do you need help? Display the side panel

If you need any extra information on the system features available on the screen – click on the question mark visible on the right side of the screen. Then a help panel will appear with the most important topics.

If you need our ING Business Centre specialists’ support, just dial
800 242 242


How did WE ensure system security?

Find out more about the means we use to protect your firm’s finances. Learn about the security standards employed by ING Business.


What should YOU keep in mind?

Familiarize yourself with the basic security rules and follow them whenever using our products.


Mobile application

Download the mobile application ING Business and bank comfortably – wherever you are!

Accept transfers, exchange currencies and review the accounts on the smartphone. Receive notifications on the smartwatch.


Download ING Business application

Google Play App Store  


Google Play App Store  

System requirements

​The system requirements of ING Business are as follows:

  • internet browsers: Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox (last three versions), Google Chrome (last three versions) – for both authorization methods,
  • PC, RAM - 2 GB minimum, RAM - 4 GB recommended,
  • operating system Windows 7, 8, 10,
  • internet connection of 1 Mb/s or faster.

Additional requirements, if using the certificate based method of authorization when logging in, you will need:

  • active USB port,
  • enabled service of ActiveX scripts for Internet Explorer,
  • installed Comarch Crypto Provider component for other browsers.


Help Centre


Any questions or doubts? Contact us

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