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Internet banking for demanding business clients

A convenient online banking system allowing to operate the majority of banking products used by firms


Log in to ING Business

Entry (login and password)

Unlock access

Entry (eToken/card)

Certificate generation Unlock access

Before the first login using eToken/card you must generate the certificate

One system - many benefits


ING BusinessOnLine offers convenient and unlimited access to bank’s products and services, meeting the needs of clients with diverse business profiles.

How to start using the system?

  • I do not have access

  • I received my starting package

I do not have access

Contact your relationship manager

Fill out a form

or call:
801 242 242 or 32 357 00 24

Sign the agreement

We will prepare the documentation and send it to your company's address. After you have signed the agreement and completed the registration applications, you will need to send the documents to your relationship manager. Basing on these documents we will parameterize the access rights level to the system.

Get to know your starting package

You will receive a starting package. Its content depends on the chosen method of authorization.

Find out more

Certificate based method (eToken/card)

Your starting package will include a cryptographic carrier (card with a reader or eToken) for electronic signature as well as the starting login and thestarting password.

Text message (SMS) codes based method

For the text message (SMS) codes based method the starter package can be either electronic or paper.

The electronic package includes an activaction code which is sent to the e-mail address specified by the Customer.
The paper package includes an activaction code which is delivered by courier in a secure envelope.
If the user hasn’t had any username given yet, it will be delivered in a separate envelope.

I received my starting package

Certificate based method (eToken/card)

Prepare the cryptographic carrier (eToken or card with a reader) as well as your login and starting password. Carry out the installation process in accordance with the provided instructions.

Text message (SMS) codes based method

If you have received your starter package, you can log in to the system.


How did WE ensure system security?

Find out more about the means we use to protect your firm’s finances. Learn about the security standards employed by ING BusinessOnLine.


What should YOU keep in mind?

Familiarize yourself with the basic security rules and follow them whenever using our products.



WebService enables direct communication between financial & accounting system of a company and the ING BusinessOnLine internet banking system. As a result many of the operational activities can be performed without logging in to ING BusinessOnLine.


ING Business

Your business works wherever you are​.
Download the ING Business app and access your bank account conveniently, wherever you are!


Download the ING Business

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System requirements

The system requirements of ING Business are as follows:

  • internet browsers: Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox (last three versions), Google Chrome (last three versions) – for both authorization methods,
  • PC, RAM - 2 GB minimum, RAM - 4 GB recommended,
  • operating system Windows 7, 8, 10,
  • internet connection of 1 Mb/s or faster.

Additional requirements, if using the certificate based method of authorization when logging in, you will need:

  • active USB port,
  • enabled service of ActiveX scripts for Internet Explorer,
  • installed Comarch Crypto Provider component for other browsers.


Help center

Call us

801 242 242,  32 357 00 24

or leave your number – we’ll call you back

Business Centre is open: Monday-Friday, 8:00-18:00. The connection fees depend on the contracted tariff.

Login – a method based on the certificate carrier (eToken/card)
Unblocking user – a method based on the certificate carrier (eToken/card)
Renewal of certificate
Certificate carrier service
Browser configuration
Login - a method based on text messages codes
Unblocking user – a method based on text messages codes
Payments and settlements
Import/export of payments and databases

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